Care tips

The right care for stunning flowers starts with clean water.

  • Clean your vase thoroughly (with chlorine if necessary) and fill it with lukewarm water containing a small drop of chlorine and cut flower food.
  • Cut the flower stems at a good angle with a sharp knife or with a flower cutter without breaking, cutting or notching them!
  • Put the flowers in plenty of water.
  • Prevent leaves in the water: remove leaves from the stem to ensure leaves are certainly in the water.
  • Change the water regularly. Each time you change the water, remove a small part of the stem to ensure it is fresh and can absorb enough water.
  • Do not place the flowers in full sun or near the heating and avoid draughts. The celosia in particular is sensitive and may wilt because of draughts.
  • Do not place the flowers close to a fruit bowl; ripe fruit produces gases that are harmful to flowers.

By following our suggestions, you can double the life of cut flowers in a vase and keep them looking great for longer.