Hand grown jewels

We are proud to present our collection of high-quality flowers under the brand name RICH® LUXURY FLOWERS.
Every flower stem from our nursery is a true gem – grown with great care and craftsmanship and handpicked and sorted with precision. By creating the right climate conditions at the right time, we can deliver flowers of the highest quality, such as extra large celosia and ranunculus.

About Rich® growers

At our nursery, we are driven by the ambition to offer a unique selection of flower varieties. Our cultivation process is subject to strict requirements to guarantee wholesalers and florists a high-quality product. This means that they can wow consumers with beautiful seasonal flowers. We dare to push the boundaries as regards cultivation conditions and are constantly looking for new, distinctive, and exclusive varieties.

Rich® collection

Cultivation calendar

View the Rich Luxury Flowers Cultivation calendar here.

Care tips

The right care for stunning flowers starts with clean water. Read all our care tips here. By following our suggestions, you can double the life of cut flowers in a vase and keep them looking great for longer.

For any special day & moment

Each season, you can enrich your bouquet with the luxurious flowers of the RICH® collection. Our product range has just the thing for every occasion and arrangement. View our cultivation calendar or contact us by calling +31(0)655 82 00 03