Available March – first week of June / 19 varieties / 40-50 cm

RICH® Ranunculus collection comprises nineteen special varieties. As we handpick and sort our flowers with meticulous precision every day, we can supply uniform batches. The distinctive green textile sleeves that we have developed in-house transport moisture, so that consumers can enjoy fresh, intact flowers for even longer.

Aazur Abricot

Aazur Bardeaux

Aazur Champagne

Aazur Cream

Aazur Fuchia

Aazur Orange

Aazur Pink

Azur Pink Stripe

Aazur Pure White

Amandine Snowflace

Cloni 418

Eleganche Oranje

Eleganche Pink

Elegance Red

Eleganche Salmon

Elegance Yellow


Pon Pon Igloo

Ran. Gem. in bos